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AKAH 2023/2024

 This year AKAH turns 170!

The company has experienced many things over the past 170 years. Starting with the founding years, through the German economic miracle to the German reunification. But we have also left two world wars and, most recently, the Corona years behind us in order to now shape the future with fresh strength and momentum.

The mere fact that a company has been in existence for so long and continues to stand on solid footing is a success story that is something to be proud of thanks to a great team of employees. We are therefore pleased that we have been able to trust the right people for so many decades and say "thank you". On the enclosed photo, we would like to introduce you to a large part of our staff.

In the meantime, the fifth generation of the Albrecht Kind family is working in the company and we are already looking forward to celebrating another important anniversary in five years' time. As always, we have succeeded in presenting new and exciting products to you. During the Corona years, there was a feeling that the innovative power of the industry had to take a back seat and that the ability to deliver was a problem. But here, too, normality has set in.

In this catalogue you will find for the first time our new clothing brand House of Hunting, innovative night vision technology from HIKMICRO and the new bolt action rifle Monza from Istanbul Silah.

You will also find exciting new products from other manufacturers, such as the modular rifles MARAL 4X and BAR 4X from Browning, the riflescope Fortis 6 from Leica and new binoculars in different colours from the PASSION™ ED line from GPO

In addition, there are other new products, such as our AKAH cartridge box or the universal sharpener EdgeMate Pro

Our leather wares manufacturers has also put in the work to enrich the hunting industry with many practical articles. Worth mentioning here is the expansion of the product range of selfinflating gun cases as well as the new backpacks and hunting bags made of brown wool felt.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our catalogue.

Hunstig, August 2023
Management Albrecht Kind GmbH
Manfred Kind | Helmut Kind


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