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Catalogue 2022/2023 (anglais)

Vous trouverez ci-dessous notre catalogue actuel à télécharger (PDF anglais):

As always, AKAH has worked hard to expand its portfolio. On 276 pages you will find exciting new products from CZ, GPO and PSS, among others.

NEW: AKAH leather goods score with sustainability, 100% raw material cycle and manufacturing in Germany. AKAH now produces dog leads and collars from cowhide tanned with olive leaf extract. This leather even received the "DERMA-TEST" seal for absolute skin compatibility.

01. frontcover + content 

02. rifles + shotguns

03. handguns 

04. security

05. sports shooting

06. ammunition

07. optics

08. leather products

09. dogs equipment

10. hunting gear

11. gift items

12. clothing

13. backcover

full catalog (167 MB)


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